On November 5, 2021 the Launch Conference of „Romanian-Hungarian cross-border project with a wider focus on diagnostics related to infertility, healthy pregnancy and newborn care” project, acronym HEALTH-PREGN-RO-HU, eMS code ROHU-339, took place.

Project teams of University of Szeged (Lead Partner), Government Office Csongrád-Csanád County and Pius Brinzeu County Clinical Emergency Hospital Timisoara (SCJUPBT) met online, according to the agenda previously agreed by all partners.

It was a long-waited event by the members of the project team, since the story of the project application started back in 2017, while the funding contract was signed mid-2021.

Dr. Márta Széll, Leader of the project/Principal investigator in the Department of Medical Genetics, University of Szeged, opened the conference and welcomed the participants. She introduced the Lead Partner and presented the activities planned by their team in the project.

Dr. Ildikó Valkai, Leader of the project/Principal investigator in the Public Health Service of Government Office for Csongrád-Csanád County presented the Project Partner 2 and activities their team will implement in the project.

Dr. Carmen Panaitescu, Medical expert in the project/Scientific Coordinator of OncoGen, SCJUPBT, talked about the Project Partner 3 and the activities their team is responsible for in the project.

Last, but not least, Anikó Bucsainé Pados, the Project Manager, presented the communication activities of the entire project.

It was a good opportunity for the people involved in the project to meet their counterparts and discuss the future steps to successfully implement this challenging project.